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Suggested Stretches - BLADEZ SX6i Owner's Manual

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Head Rolls
Rotate your head to the right for one count while feeling the stretch
up the left side of your neck. Next, rotate your head back for one
count, stretching your chin to the ceiling. Rotate your head to the
left for one count, and finally, drop your head to your chest for one
Shoulder Lifts
Lift your left shoulder up toward your ear for one count. Then lift
your right shoulder up for one count as you lower your left shoulder.
Side Stretches
Open your arms to the side and continue lifting them until they are
over your head. Reach your left arm as far upward as you can for one
count. Feel the stretch up your left side. Repeat this action with your
right arm.
Quadriceps Stretch
With one hand against a wall for balance, reach behind you and pull
your left foot up. Bring your heel as close to your buttocks as possible.
Hold for 15 counts and repeat with right foot up.

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