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Reverse Door Swing - Kenmore HE3 Steam 110.C8674 series Use & Care Manual

Electric dryer
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Table of Contents
You can change your door swing from a right-side opening to a
left-side opening, if desired.
NOTE: For ease of installation, you may want to use 2 or more
people to remove and reattach the dryer door.
Remove the door
1. Place a towel or soft cloth on top of the dryer or work space
to protect the surface.
2. Open the dryer door. Remove the 5 screws that hold the door
hinge on the front panel of the dryer.
A. Dryer front panel
B. Dryer door
C. Screws
3. Remove the door.
4. Lay the dryer door on a flat, protected surface with the inside
door assembly facing up.
Remove the 5 screws to release the outer door assembly
from the inner door assembly, as indicated below. See
illustration. It is important that you remove only the
5 indicated screws.
5. Lift the inner door assembly off of the outer door assembly.
Set the outer door assembly aside.
Reverse the hinge
1. Place the inner door, screw head side up, on the work space.

Reverse Door Swing

2. Remove the 4 hinge screws that hold the hinge to the door
and remove hinge.
3. Move the large hole screw to the opposite side. Remove the
2 plug screws and plastic plugs, and insert them in the
original screw holes on the opposite side.
4. Move hinge to the other side and reattach with the 4 screws
removed in Step 2. Make sure locator pins line up in holes
and drive the top 2 screws in place first to help drive locator
pins into proper location.
5. Set the inner door assembly aside.
Reverse the door handle
1. Place the outer door assembly face down on work space.
2. Remove the 6 screws that hold the intermediate door to the
outer door assembly. Remove the intermediate door, and set
hinge shield aside. Remove the hinge hole cover.
A. Hinge side screw
B. Locator pins on hinge
C. Top side screw
A. Hinge screws
B. Large hole screw
C. Plug screws and plastic plugs
A. Intermediate door
B. Hinge shield
C. Hinge hole cover


Table of Contents

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