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Brinkmann Select 810-6680-S Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting

6 burner gas grill parrilla a gas con 6 quemadores.
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Burner will not light
Grill does not get hot
Irregular fl ame pattern.
Flame does not run full
length of burner
Flame is yellow or orange
Possible Cause
LP gas tank valve is closed
LP gas tank is low or empty
LP gas leak
Coupling nut and regulator not fully connected
Obstruction of gas fl ow
Burner may not be properly seated
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi
Burner ports clogged or blocked
Battery needs to be changed
Wires or electrode covered with cooking residue
Electrode and burners are wet
Electrode cracked or broken - sparks at crack
Wire loose or disconnected
Wire is shorting (sparking) between ignitor and
Bad ignitor
Out of gas
Flow limiting device may have been activated
Burner ports are clogged or blocked
Air shutter on burner needs adjustment
New burner may have residual manufacturing
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi
Food residue, grease, etc.
Poor alignment of valve to burner venturi
Air shutter on burner needs adjustment
Make sure regulator is securely attached to the LP gas tank, turn LP
gas tank valve to "OPEN"
Check if LP gas tank is empty. If empty, replace or refi ll.
1. Turn LP gas tank valve to "CLOSED"
2. Wait 5 minutes for gas to clear
3. Follow "Leak Testing" in the owner's manual
See section on "Connecting Hose and Regulator"
1. Clean burner assembly
2. Check for bent or kinked hose
Reseat burner and valve. Refer to "Burner Assembly/Maintenance"
Clean venturi and burner assembly
Clean burner ports
Replace the battery (follow assembly step for inserting battery)
Clean wire and/or electrode with rubbing alcohol
Wipe dry with cloth
Replace electrode
Reconnect wire or replace electrode/wire assembly
Replace ignitor wire/electrode assembly
Replace ignitor
Replace or refi ll LP gas tank
1. Mini Reset:
a. Turn control knobs and LP gas tank valve to "OFF"
b. Wait one minute and relight grill per "Lighting Instructions"
2. If fl ames are still too low, perform a Full Reset
Full Reset:
a. Turn control knobs and LP gas tank valve to "OFF"
b. Disconnect regulator from propane tank
c. Inspect LP cylinder rubber seal
d. Wait 1 minute
e. Reconnect regulator and perform "Leak Testing" on all
f. Light grill per "Lighting Instructions"
Clean burner ports
See section on "Burner Adjustment"
Burn grill for 15 minutes on "HIGH" with the lid closed
Clean venturi and burner assembly
Clean burner assembly
Make sure burner venturi is properly engaged with valve
See section on "Burner Adjustment"


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