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Disassembly And Assembly Instruction; Disassembly Instruction; Assembly Instruction; Download - Mitsubishi Electric TRIUM 110 Service Manual

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2.3 Disassembly and Assembly Instruction

2.3.1 Disassembly Instruction

The procedure for mobile disassembly is described in the instruction GFZ13136904 – TRIUM 110
Disassembly (M6A+ Cupid).

2.3.2 Assembly Instruction

The procedure for mobile assembly is described in the instruction GFZ13136903 – TRIUM 110
Assembly (M6A+ Cupid).

3 Download

The data are divided in two parts: the software and the settings.
Currently the Mitsubishi software ( .bin file ) is downloaded into the Flash and the setting ( . pso file ) is
downloaded into an EEPROM or Serial Flash.
The M6A+ mobiles does not use EEPROM but a Flash Data and the setting are not in .pso extension
but in .psb (as M6A). The main consequence of this change is that the new setting file . psb MUST
In conclusion, with the M6A product, the software and the setting can be downloaded in the same time
by using IPL Trium.

3.1 Download of Software and settings

The configuration to download software is :
MT Tool
or higher
Launch MT ToolsV103.02 or higher, select the " Mobile Type M5-M6A" and then launch IPL Trium in
download/download software menu.
Version A
Date: 05/02
To COM 1
Professional PC cable M5
MA/NE : FK8T000410
Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe S.A.
Z.A. Pigeon Blanc, 35 370 St Germain du Pinel France
( :
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