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Ramp Feature; Mask Fit Check Feature; Flex Screen - Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex User Manual

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Ramp Feature

The device is equipped with an optional ramp feature that your home care provider can enable or disable. This
feature reduces the air pressure when you are trying to fall asleep and then gradually increases (ramps) the pressure
until your prescription setting is reached, allowing you to fall asleep more comfortably.
If ramp is enabled on your device, after you turn on the airflow, press the RAMP (
device. You can use the RAMP button as often as you wish during the night.
Note: If the Ramp feature is on, the Ramp icon (
Note: If the Ramp feature is disabled and airflow is on, nothing will happen when you press the RAMP button.
Note: If the airflow is off and you press the RAMP button, the mask fit check feature will start if it is enabled by your provider.
Note: If in Auto mode, there is no ramp at minimum pressure when starting. Ramp would only be useful if you
wake in the middle of the night.

Mask Fit Check Feature

If available on your device, the optional mask fit check feature can be enabled or disabled by your home care provider.
This feature allows you to check the fit of your mask prior to starting therapy. This is done by measuring the amount of
Put on your mask assembly. If mask fit check is enabled, before you turn on the airflow, press the RAMP (
on the top of the device. Airflow will start and the mask fit check screen will appear, shown below.
Mask Fit Check - Icon Mode
The device will deliver a test pressure while the screen will count down 40 seconds. After the test, normal therapy
will start and the screen will either display a checkmark (
optimal performance of the device. The
remain functional and deliver therapy.
Note: If you choose to try to improve your mask fit, you can stop therapy, adjust the fit of your mask, and rerun the Mask
Fit Check. Please refer to the instructions that came with your mask and headgear for the proper fitting procedure.
Note: Mask Fit Check is only available when the device is in Auto-CPAP therapy mode.
Note: If Split night is enabled, Mask Fit Check will be disabled.

Flex Screen (

From the Home screen, highlight "Flex" or the
Flex Screen - Icon Mode
Note: "Flex" shown above (in Text mode only) will display as the current Flex mode chosen by the provider.
• Flex (
) - The Flex comfort feature allows you to adjust the level of air pressure relief that you feel when you
exhale during therapy. Your home care provider can enable, lock or disable this feature. When your provider enables
Flex, a level will already be set for you on the device. If this is not comfortable, you can increase or decrease the
setting. The setting of "1" provides a small amount of pressure relief, with higher numbers providing additional relief. If
the provider has disabled this feature, this setting will not display. If the provider has locked this feature, a lock symbol
will display next to the setting.
Note: This same setting is also available under the "Setup" screen.
Mask Fit Check - Text Mode
shows that the leak may affect device performance, however, the device will
Flex Screen - Text Mode
) will display in the lower right corner of the Therapy screen.
) or an
. The
icon and press the wheel. The following Flex screen will appear.
) button on the top of the
shows that the leak found allows for
) button
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