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Specific Caution Items - Toshiba VN-250SE Owner's Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Specific Caution Items

Checking Location of Installation
This Energy Recovery Ventilators have been designed especially for use in offices, conference rooms, etc.
Please check to ensure that neither the main unit nor the inlet-outlet grill are installed in any of the following locations.
Locations exposed to high temperatures or
direct flame.
Avoid installing the Heat Exchange Ventilators
or the inlet-outlet grill in locations which reach
temperatures of 40° C or above.
Usage under high temperature conditions may
cause distortion of the filter or Heat Exchange
Element or motor burn-out.
40° C
Make sure that access is provided so that filter and Heat
Exchange Element maintenance and periodic spot checks of the
unit can be easily carried out. (Refer to the Model Installation for
its space)
If there are any problems concerning the location or installation of the unit, please consult either store from which it was purchased
or the agent who installed it.
When Using
Always be sure to use a filter.
Failure to do so may cause dust and dirt to
build up on the heat exchange element,
lowering its efficiency and rendering it
Locations with high humidity.
Do not install in high humidity locations such as
Doing so may cause a breakdown of the unit or
an electric shock.
Do not install the unit in locations such as machinery or chemical
plants where it will be exposed to noxious gases containing
acids, alkali, organic solvents, paint fumes, etc., to gases
containing corrosive ingredients, or where dust or oil mist will be
Operate the switch with certainty.
In particular, suddenly turning the switch
on and off will not only cause improper
operation of the unit, but will also
obversely affect the relay inside the switch,
and may damage it.
Locations with large amounts of oily
smoke, such as food preparation areas.
The unit will become inoperable if the filter or
Heat Exchange Element become clogged with
Interior Intake Vent



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