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Features; Cautions On Safety - Toshiba VN-250SE Owner's Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Cautions on Safety

Cautions for Maintenance
I Don't use benzene or metal brush
when cleaning the filter and heat
exchange element.
Otherwise, the unit will get unfit for use.


Main Features
1. Energy saving ventilation
Thanks to efficient recovery of thermal energy lost during Ventilation (load incurred by outside air), you can save an air-
conditioning fee.
2. Facility saving
Thanks to a drastic reduction of load incurred by outside air, you can make air-conditioners more compact in parallel with the
recovery of thermal energy.
3. Humidity adjusting effect
In a cooling mode, a highly humid open-air is brought near to a dehumidified room atmosphere and then supplied. In a warming
mode, a room humidity is transferred to the dried outside air and then supplied.
4. Comfortable and consistent ventilation
Ventilation is available with least possible fluctuation of a room temperature. Since exhaust and air intake are performed
simultaneously, a stable ventilation is possible even in a highly airtight room.
5. Sound shield effect
The ducts of the unit and the heat exchange element are characteristic of sound shield effect. Thus, it prevents an outside noise
from coming in the unit and also sound inside the unit from going out, so that the office and store environment can be preserved.
Never Fail to Observe
I The filter should be cleaned regularly.
Metal brush
I Use gloves when cleaning the filter or
Dust or dirt building-up on it
can lead to a lack of oxygen
in the room.
heat exchange element.
Doing so will reduce any
possibility of injury.



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