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Cautions On Safety - Toshiba VN-250SE Owner's Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Cautions on Safety

Described below are the way we are gaining your attention to what you are supposed to observe to prevent dangers to the users or
other people as well as loss to the property.
I The degrees of danger or damage that is likely to occur due to the wrong use ignoring the indications are categorized for
explanation as marked below.
I Kinds of the items to be observed are categorized for clarification with the following pictorial symbols. (The marks described below
are samples.)
This pictorial indication shows "Prohibited".
This pictorial indication shows "Forced Execution".
Cautions for Operation
I Do not use as an air circulators for
open-type burners (heaters).
When gas or oil stoves are used in
the home, separate equipment for
circulating the air should be used.
I When any abnormal condition
(scorching smell or others) is found,
stop the operation immediately and
keep the exclusive circuit breaker
If you continue the operation without
removing the cause, it could cause an
electric shock or a fire.
G When the system needs a repair,
consult your dealer.
Never Fail to Observe
The column with this mark shows "Impending Danger of Death or Serious Injury".
The column with this mark shows "Conceivable Threat of Death or Serious Injury".
The column with this mark shows "Likelihood of Damage or Loss to Materials only".
I Don't push a finger or a stick into the
open-air inlet or the exhaust outlet.
A fan with a high rpm will
injure you.
I Modification of the system is strictly
Improper practice of
repair could cause a
water leakage, an
electric shock or a fire.
G When the system needs a repair,
consult your dealer.
I If combustible gas leaks from the unit,
ventilate the room by opening
If operation were to be
attempted in such a
situation, sparking at
electrical contact points
could cause an explosion.
I Netting or something similar should
be provided at the external air intake
opening to prevent birds etc.
interfering with the unit.
Nests or other foreign
objects should be
removed. That could lead
to a lack of oxygen in the
I If the supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.


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