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After-Sales Service - Toshiba VN-250SE Owner's Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Maintenance Method (continued)
2) Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the element's
G Use a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner nozzle.
Clean with a light, brushing action.
Avoid using a hard nozzle as it may disfigure the heat exchange
G Never use water to clean the Heat Exchange Element.
I Whenever the Heat Exchange Element was damaged, order the sales
shop or the engineering office. (Separately sold)
3) When cleaning is completed, return the Heat Exchange Element
and filter to their former positions, and close the Inspection cover
and tighten the screw.
G Make absolutely sure to install the filter with an indication of
" turned toward the Heat Exchange Element side.
Failure to do so will lead to clogging of the heat exchange foils and
reduced performance.
G Please insert so that the stamp "

After-sales Service

I Request for Spot Checks
To ensure safe, correct usage, we suggest that you consider a maintenance contract. For details, inquire at the store where you
bought your unit, or at the agent which installed it.
I If You Think It's Broken
Examine the unit as shown in the table below, and if you find any irregularities, shut it off immediately and contact the store where
you bought your unit or the agent who installed it to request servicing (or consultation).
G No activity, even when the switch is
G No air comes out.
" to be toward you.
G Is the fuse blown or the breaker tripped?
G Is the power out?
G Check whether or not there is dust on the filters and the Heat Exchange Element.
(Clean it according to the Maintenance Method mentioned on the Pages 9 to 12.)
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