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Connecting To A Generic Bluetooth Device; Clearing Paired Status; Removing / Replacing The Trigger Module; Remove Finger Strap Assembly - Honeywell 8650 User Manual

Bluetooth ring scanner


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Connecting to a Generic Bluetooth Device

1. Using the ring scanner attached to the Bluetooth Ring Scanner module, and the bar codes in Bluetooth Module Pro-
gramming, scan the following bar codes:
• Restore Factory Defaults
• Pairing Status > Enable Slave Mode
2. Using the ring decoder and the bar codes in the ring decoder-engine-specific chapter (e.g., SE955 Laser Bar Codes)
configure the ring decoder to meet the requirements of the targeted generic Bluetooth device.
3. Using the generic Bluetooth device, and the device's Bluetooth software, perform a Discovery of nearby Bluetooth
devices. The Bluetooth Ring Scanner assembly is identified by the label "LXE Scanner – (MAC ID)".
4. Using the generic device's Bluetooth software, pair the devices.When the devices are paired, the Bluetooth Ring
Scanner module's Bluetooth LED flashes every 4 seconds.
The generic Bluetooth device will receive serial data sent by the Bluetooth Ring Scanner module every time a bar code is
read and decoded by the attached ring decoder.

Clearing Paired Status

Note: This method is not available for the Dolphin 70e.
Using the Bluetooth device (e.g., handheld or vehicle mount unit) access the EZ Pairing control panel by tapping the Bluetooth
icon on the Desktop (or the Taskbar or the Control Panel). Open the Bluetooth Devices panel. Locate the Bluetooth Ring
Scanner module in the list of paired devices by comparing the MAC ID number in the list with the MAC ID bar code on the
Doubletap the Bluetooth Ring Scanner module icon. The right-mouse-click menu appears. Select Disconnect. When the icon
is red, select Delete. All devices in the Bluetooth Devices panel can be cleared (deleted) in this manner, if necessary.
The deleted Bluetooth Ring Scanner module is excluded from the list the next time the Bluetooth Devices panel is opened.
If you cannot disconnect/delete the Bluetooth Ring Scanner module from the generic device at the end of the work day, Contact
your System Administrator for assistance.

Removing / Replacing the Trigger Module

Equipment Needed:Phillips screwdriver with a blade diameter of 1/8" (.4mm). Not supplied.
Caution: Do not perform the following procedures if the ring bar code reader is tethered to a Bluetooth module containing a
battery. There is a possibility the Scan button may be pressed inadvertently and the laser beam emitted.
Do not touch, push on or brace your finger against the scan aperture at any time.
Installing and removing accessories should be performed on a clean, well-lit surface. When necessary, protect the work
surface, the mobile device, and components from electrostatic discharge.
A 20-pak of full Trigger assemblies is available. Contact

Remove Finger Strap Assembly

Fold the flexible liner back until the screw hole is visible.
Rotate the trigger module until the black screw is visible.
5. Using a Phillips screwdriver with a blade diameter of 1/8" (.4mm) loosen the black screw counter-clockwise and set the
screw aside in a safe place.
6. Remove the trigger module.

Replace Trigger Module

1. Position the trigger module on the base of the Ring Scanner, making sure the empty screw hole is visible.
2. Find the tiny black screw that you removed previously.
3. Using a Phillips screwdriver with a blade diameter of 1/8" (.4mm) rotate the black screw clockwise until the trigger
module is secured to the ring scanner.
4. Install the finger strap.
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