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Using Several Handsets; Using A Handset As A Room Monitor - Siemens Gigaset C1 User Manual

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Using several handsets

Using several handsets

Using a handset as a room monitor

on handset:
With this function, a previously stored internal or external number is called when a set
noise level in the room is reached (the baby cries). When you answer the call you hear
the noise in the baby's room. The room monitor remains activated on the handset even
after you hang up.
The handset should be between 1 and 2 metres away from the baby. The microphone
must be directed towards the baby.
When the room monitor is activated, incoming calls to the handset which is near the
baby are indicated without a ring tone, they are just shown on the display. The display
and the keypad are not illuminated.
When entering an external phone number, check the following:
the number where the room monitor call is forwarded must not be blocked by an acti-
vated answering machine.
Always check the settings of the room monitor before you leave,
e. g. sensitivity and phone line.
If you redirect your room monitor to an external number, then you
should tell that number's owner.
A room monitor stops calling an external number after about
90 seconds. The room monitor stops calling an internal number
(handset) after about 3 minutes.
After the room monitor makes a call, the room monitor is blocked for
2 minutes.
The room monitor function severely curtails the handset's operating
time. If possible, place any handset that is in the vicinity of a baby in
the charger. This ensures that the battery does not discharge.
The room monitor function can also be used in Walk and Talk mode
(page 72).

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Table of Contents

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