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Convergence Adjustment - LG RE-39NZ43RB Service Manual

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3) Receive Crosshatch pattern.
(PAL:EU07(PR 8) or NTSC:09CH(PR 13))
* Note: Loosen the butterfly nut in the lens tub slightly,being
careful that it is mot loosened to the point that the lens can
move out of focus.
4) Adjustment must be done in a dark room(simple dark room)
Be careful not to touch the lens during adjustment.
5) Make any one color raster using lens covers.
6) Rotating lens right from the front side chromatic haze occurs
beside Cross-hatch line changes as follows;
Change of chromatic aberration
Orange ¤AScarlet
Blue ¤ARed
Purple ¤AGreen
2. G-lens Adjustment
1) Rotate the lens until the chromatic haze changes from blue to
2) Viewing the all screen, in no case of the chromatic aberration
appeared slimly within 3.5 cross-Hatch of the picture center. At
this time, in case that the red chromatic aberrations bright line
isn't equal, adjust Green lens so that the red chromatic
aberration is appeared more than previous time.
3) Switching the signal to 13CH and operate adjustment
4) Adjust Green focus control volume of focus pack so that the
external big circle's part appeared clearly.
5) Adjust accurately by repeat the upper control.
6) Especially, noting to the Green light because it influenced on
picture's function.
3. R-lens adjustment
1) Rotate the RED lens until the chromatic haze changes from
orange to scarlet.
2) Adjust to appear Red chromatic aberration in right 3.5 cross-
hatch section at center screen.Adjust the chromatic
aberration so that it located center correctly.
3) Switching the signal to 13CH and adjust it as same method of
Green lens.
4) Adjust as same method of Green lens with Red focus control
volume of focus pack.
4. B- lens adjustment
1) Rotate the lens until the chromatic aberration of 3.5 Cross-
Hatch left from center point changes from Violet to Green.
Adjust the chromatic aberration to be center point between
violet and green.
- 16 -
2) Adjust as same as method of Green lens with Red focus
control volume of focus pack.
5. Focus checking
After adjustment Red,Green & Blue lens, remove lens cover
and receive Cross-Hatch pattern and check the overall focus. If
needed,repeat above.

Convergence Adjustment

1. Preliminary steps
This adjustment should be performed after warming up 60
1) Adjust after Horizontal/Vertical Raster position,Beam
alignment magnet, and focus adjustments have been
2) Do it always with crosshatch pattern.
3) Adjust for both PAL and NTSC system.
4) Use the JIG screen with the cross hatch pattern for
2. Convergence Key
1) Convergence Mode : IN_START, '3'
2) Cursor shift :
3) Cursor Movement/Adjustment Selection : ENTER
4) Cursor Color Selection : TV/AV
5) Adjustment mode out : IN_START
*Note: When cursor flashes,set is in adjustment mode When
R,G or B selected color flashes,the set is in cursor movement
PAL Mode Adjustment
1. Preliminary steps
1) Receive the EU 05CH signal.
2) Press the buttons IN_START, '3' of Remote Controller for
adjustment to get into the convergence adjustment mode.
2. Horizontal/Vertical phase adjustment
1) Press the buttons 9 & 5 to get into the phase adjustment
2) Horizontal Phase Adjustment.
Move the convex part to the quarter of vertical center by
pressing the Volume F,G key.
3) Press the ENTER Key to escape from the adjustment.


Table of Contents

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