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Adjustment Instructions - LG RE-39NZ43RB Service Manual

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These instructions are applied to only MP-03AB chassis.
1.Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use an
isolation transformer.
However, the use of isolation transformer will help protect
test instrument.
2.Adjustment must be done in the correct order.
3.The receiver must be operated for about 60 minutes prior to
the adjustment.
Pre-heatrun must be operated receiving moving pictures or
100% white pattern.
Never operate the SET over 10 minutes with still picture
because a fluorescent material may get damage.
Raster Slope/Focus 1th Adjustment
1. Preliminary steps
1) Apply power to the unit and switch the unit ON.
2) Receive the EU 05 CH signal.
3) Select INSTART key on the Remote Control and then select
"0 RASTER ADJ" move the cursor or by pressing the key
No. 0.
4) Adjust Lens Focus/Electric focus temporarily.
When select "0 RASTER ADJ" mode after entering adjustment
mode with INSTART key, the convergence reset and then
preparation for adjustment complete.
The convergence reset is possible even from convergence
adjustment mode.
1) Enter into convergence adjustment mode: Select INSTART
key on the Remote Control and then select "3
CONVERGENCE" move the cursor or using the key No..
2) Convergence reset: After press the key No. 5, press the
ENTER key.
3) Adjustment mode release: Press the INSTART key
2. Adjustment
1) Display only the Green raster using lens covers to block Red
and Blue.
2) Rotate the Green DY and tilt the screen like the figure below.
3) Make 2color raster with Red or Blue and Green.
4) Coincide the slope of red and blue raster to that of green.


L ¡´!2mm
Red/Blue Light
Note) 1. When adjusting raster slope, loosen the DY and fasten it
after adjusting.
2. Never rotate and adjust the fixed DY without loosing it.
Beam Alignment Adjustment
1. Test Equipment
Video Test Generator(801GF) or Signal Generator can produce
NTSC DOT pattern(408NPS or 5518/5418 equipment)
2. Preparation
1) Heat run over 60 minutes.
2) Pre-adjust Raster slope,Raster position & Lens focus &
centering Magnet.
3) Check if the Magnet is located 45mm from the end of CRT.
4) In case of using 801GF : Receive #13 DOT Pattern of VGA
mode(Format #5) through PC input terminal.
In case of using NTSC generator : Receive Dot signal
through the external input terminal.
3. 2-Pole Magnet Adjustment
1) Make Green raster using lens cover.
2) Check the center position of DOT pattern on the center of the
screen after turning Green focus volume left.
3) Turning green focus volume right and adjust 2-Pole magnet
so the position to coincide that of item "(2)".
4) Adjust not to shift the screen by turning green focus volume
clockwise and counter clockwise.
5) If the screen shifts, readjust (2)~(4).
6) Do the same method in Red and Blue.
4. Beam Shape (4 & 6-Pole Magnet) Adjustment
1) Do after 2-Pole magnet adjustment.
2) Make Green raster using lens cover and turn the focus
volume right.
3) Make the dot in the center a perfect circle using 4 & 6-Pole
4) Do the same method in Red & Blue.
5) Fasten the Magnet after adjustment.
6) Adjust focus accurately.
- 13 -
Green Light


Table of Contents

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