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Other Functions; Sleep Timer Setup; Dimmer; Mute - LG LGHTW316 Owner's Manual

Lg dvd home cinema wireless speaker system owner's manual
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Other Functions

Sleep Timer Setup

You can set up the DVD/CD receiver to turn off auto-
matically at a specified time.
Press SLEEP to set up a sleep time.
1 1
The SLEEP indicator and sleep time appears in the dis-
play window.
Each time you press SLEEP the setting changes
2 2
in the following order.
SLEEP 90 →80 → 70 → 60→ 50 → 40 → 30 → 20 →10 →
You can check the time remaining before the
DVD/CD receiver turns off.
Press SLEEP. The remaining time appears in the
display window.


This function changes the brightness of the display win-
dow on the front panel during power-on status.
Press DIMMER repeatedly.


Press MUTE to remove the sound.
You can mute your unit in order, for example, to answer
the telephone, "MUTE" indicator flashes in the display
Press MUTE again to restore the sound.

Using Headphones

Connect a stereo headphone plug ( 3.5mm) into the
PHONES input jack.
The speakers are automatically disconnected when you
plug in a headphone (not supplied).
Selecting Input Sources
You can use a VCR or other devices connected to the
VIDEO1, VIDEO2 jacks or the Optical input. Refer to
the owner's manual supplied with the device(s) for
further information on their operation.
Press AUX repeatedly on the remote control to
select the desired input source.
Each time you press this button, the sources change in
the following sequence:
VIDEO 1: for selecting the analog signal from VIDEO1
AUDIO IN (L/R) & VIDEO IN jacks.
VIDEO 1 OPT: for selecting the digital signal from VIDEO 1
VIDEO 2: for selecting the analog signal from VIDEO2
AUDIO IN (L/R) & VIDEO IN jacks.
VIDEO2 OPT: for selecting the digital signal from VIDEO 2
The Optical input function is available only when the
other unit's Sampling Frequency is 32 ~ 96kHz.
You can also select the input source with the
PLAY/FUNCTION button on the front panel.
Press and hold down this button about 3 seconds,
then press repeatedly to select other input source.

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