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Radio Operation; Presetting Radio Stations; Listening To The Radio - LG LGHTW316 Owner's Manual

Lg dvd home cinema wireless speaker system owner's manual
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Radio Operation

Presetting Radio stations

You can preset 30 stations for FM and AM (MW). Before
tuning, make sure that you have turned down the vol-
Use BAND on the remote control to access FM
1 1
or AM (MW) in the display window.
Thereafter, each time you press BAND, FM and
2 2
AM (MW) change alternately.
Press and hold TUNING
3 3
the front panel for about two seconds until the
frequency indication starts to change, then
Scanning stops when the DVD/CD Receiver tunes in a
station. "TUNED" and "STEREO" (for stereo program)
appear in the display window.
"TUNED" only appears when the signal is FM and
Press MEMORY on the front panel.
4 4
A preset number will flash in the display window.
5 5
panel to select the preset number you want.
Press MEMORY on the front panel again.
6 6
The station is stored.
Repeat steps 3 to 6 to store other stations.
7 7
To tune in a station with a weak signal
to tune in the station manually.
To clear all the stored stations
Press and hold MEMORY for about two seconds.
"CLEAR ALL" is appears in the display window, then
press MEMORY again, the stations are cleared.
If you have accidentally entered into the "CLEAR
ALL" mode and you do not wish to clear the memory,
do not press any key. After a few seconds, the
"CLEAR ALL" display will go off by itself and change
to normal mode.
If all stations have already been entered, the FULL
message will appear in the display window for a
moment and then a preset number will flash.
To change the preset number, follow the steps 5-6 as
on the front
repeatedly in step 3

Listening to the radio

Preset radio stations in the DVD/CD receiver's memory
first (see "Presetting radio stations" on the left).
Press BAND repeatedly until AM (MW) or FM
1 1
appears in the display window.
The last received station is tuned in.
repeatedly to select the pre-
2 2
set station you want.
Each time you press the button, the DVD receiver tunes in
one preset station at a time.
Adjust the volume by rotating VOLUME on the
3 3
front panel or by pressing VOLUME + or - on the
remote control repeatedly.
To turn the radio Off
Press POWER to turn the DVD/CD receiver off or select
another function mode (CD/DVD, VIDEO1, or VIDEO2).
To listen to non-preset radio stations
Use manual or automatic tuning in step 2.
For manual tuning, press TUNING
on the front panel repeatedly.
For automatic tuning, press and hold TUNING
for about two seconds on the front
To select a preset radio station directly
You can use the number buttons on the remote control
to select a preset radio station directly.
For example, to listen to preset station 4, press 4 on the
remote control. To listen to preset station 19, press 1
then 9 (within 3 seconds).
For your reference
If a FM program is noisy
Press MONO/STEREO repeatedly on the front panel
so that "STEREO" disappears from the display win-
dow. There will be no stereo effect, but the reception
will improve. Press the button again to restore the
stereo effect.
To improve reception
Reorient the supplied antennas.

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