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Usb Troubleshooting; Glossary - RCA DCM305 User Manual

Digital broadband
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10BaseT – Unshielded, twisted pair cable with an RJ-45 connector, used with Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network).
"10" indicates speed (10 Mbps), "Base" refers to baseband technology, and "T" means twisted pair cable.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) – A protocol which allows a server to dynamically assign IP addresses to
workstations on the fly.
DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications) – A project with the objective of developing a set of
necessary specifications and operations support interface specifications for cable modems and associated equipment.
Ethernet card – A plug-in circuit board installed in an expansion slot of a personal computer. The Ethernet card
(sometimes called a Network Interface Card or NIC) takes parallel data from the computer, converts it to serial data,
puts it into a packet format, and sends it over the 10BaseT or 100BaseT LAN cable.
F Connector – A type of coaxial connector, labeled CABLE IN on the rear of the cable modem, that connects the
modem to the cable system.
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) – Invisible to the user, HTTP is used by servers and clients to communicate
and display information on a client browser.
Hub – A device used to connect multiple computers to the cable modem.
IP Address – A unique, 32-bit address assigned to every device in a network. An IP (Internet Protocol) address has
two parts: a network address and a host address. This modem receives a new IP address from your cable operator via
DHCP each time it goes through Initialization Mode.
MAC Address – The permanent "identity" for a device programmed into the Media Access Control layer in the
network architecture during the modem's manufacture.
Network Driver – A file that is loaded on the computer to allow the computer to recognize the Ethernet card or USB
TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) – A networking protocol that provides
communication across interconnected networks, between computers with diverse hardware architectures and various
operating systems.
Universal Serial Bus (USB) – USB is a "plug-and-play" interface between a computer and add-on devices, such as
a cable modem.


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