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Body Installation - lehman Trikes Monarch II Honda GL1800 Installation Instructions Manual

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Body Installation

Note: The installation/alignment of the body is
an important process to find the correct posi-
tion of the body in relation to the wheels.
1. Carefully place body on trike frame.
2. Install original tour pack frame to trike frame.
Torque hardware to 18 ft. lbs.
3. Position body on frame. Use rubber spacers as
needed on front and rear mounting holes.
4. See Fig. 1. Install side covers and adjust body to
achieve a consistent 1/8" gap between the front
of body and side cover.
See Fig's 2 & 3. Align body to trike. Center
body by checking side to side (wheel opening)
and front to back (front of fender) measure-
Determine body height by measuring from in-
ner fender down to center of axle.
7. Ensure gaps at side covers are tight and equal
on both sides.
NOTE: Adjust body height by adding or remov-
ing shims as needed.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

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