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Operation And Indicators - Honeywell COB01 Installation Manual

Charge-only base
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Operation and Indicators

1. Place a scanner into the cradle to charge.
2. When a scanner is inserted, the green LED flashes according to
the chart below. If the Green LED does not appear, check to
make sure the scanner is seated completely in the charger with
the battery contacts touching the contacts on the charger.
3. When the battery is completely charged, the charging indicator
stops flashing and stays illuminated.
LED Indicators
Slow flash
Fast flash
Scanning While in Charge-Only Base
Scan one of the following bar codes to program your scanner's
behavior when it is in the Charge-Only Base.
Scanning in Base On: Keeps the scanner on and available for
scanning while in the base. (When in Presentation Mode, this results
in the scanner charging at the slowest rate.)
Scanning in Base Off: Keeps the scanner on but unable to scan
while in the base.
Battery not detected
Pre-charge and charge
Charge completed
Charge suspended due to a fault condition



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