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Installation - Honeywell COB01 Installation Manual

Charge-only base
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Honeywell's Charge-Only Base can fully charge a Xenon™ 1902 or
Hyperion 1302g scanner in less than eight hours (typically 4.5 hours),
maximizing uptime in any application.
Note: When a scanner is placed into the Charge-Only Base, the
battery will charge. Please note that the Charge-Only Base
will not facilitate communication with the host system or other


Connect the right angle power adapter to the Charge-Only Base,
then plug the power supply into an AC power outlet. Make sure the
AC power outlet voltage is the same as the power supply.
Use only a Listed Limited Power Source (LPS) or Class 2 type
power supply with output rated 5 to 5.2Vdc, 1A. We recommend
use of Honeywell power adapters. Use of any non-Honeywell
power adapters may cause damage not covered by the