Motorola AN720 Assembly And Installation Instructions Manual page 9

Rfid antennas
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Chapter 1 AN720 RIFD Antennas Diagrams
and Technical Specifications
Read all instructions carefully before attempting to install and use this product.
The antennas should be mounted permanently and securely on a mounting panel in accordance with all installation
For best results, point the antenna towards the center of the coverage area. A line-of-sight path between the
antenna and active floor locations works best. Although signals in these bands penetrate interior walls with little
attenuation, reinforced block walls, banks of metal cabinets, or steel shelving may attenuate signals or cause
multipath, a condition where reflected signals interfere with the primary signal path. Avoid mounting next to a
column or vertical support that could create a "shadow zone" of reduced coverage.
The AN720 antennas radiate a circularly polarized signal in a directional pattern. Securely mount the antenna to a
metal plate using the appropriate size nuts and locking hardware.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents