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Sanyo U-304 Instruction Manual page 7

Stainless kettle
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5. Place the kettle on the power base. Plug the cord set into an
earthed power socket and switch on by depressing the switch on
bottom of the kettle to the "on" position.
6. When the water has boiled, the kettle will switch off automatically.
7. Do not remove the kettle from the power base without first
switching off.
8. Remember if you wish to re-boil, put the switch to the "on"
9. The kettle may be switch off at any time by either pushing the
switch to the "off" position or by switching the power off at the
power outlet. To pour water, lift the kettle from the power base
and pour.
10. An automatic safety boil-dry cut-out has been fitted for protection
against overheating: It will also operate if the kettle is switched on
when containing insufficient water. Always ensure the water
inside the kettle covers the minimum mark on the water level
indicator gauge. If the cut-out has operated, switch the kettle off,
disconnect from the power outlet and allow the kettle to cool down
for 5 to 10 minutes. Then refill with enough water and switch on;
the kettle will then boil and cut off as in normal operation.
11. When water boils, the steam passes through the steam channel
and then switches off the kettle. After the steam has turned into
water, it will drop to the base from the handle and then flow out.
Therefore, there will be little steam inside the indicator or some
drip of water on the base when the kettle is in use. Such a
situation is a normal one and it does not say that the kettle leaks.


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