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Programming Your Remote Control; How To Program The Remote Control - RCA CRK76WB3 User Manual

Msn tv internet receiver remote control


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Programming the Remote

Programming your remote control

The remote control that came with your Internet Receiver is already programmed
to operate the Internet Receiver and many RCA, ProScan, and GE TVs, VCRs,
DVD players, audio receivers, and satellite receivers. This remote control is
also capable of operating many other brands of remote-controllable electronic
components, but you must program it to do so. The MSNTV and DVD buttons on
the remote cannot be programmed. However, the DVD button will control many
RCA, GE and Proscan DVD players.
Find out if you need to program the remote control
Your remote control is already programmed to operate your Internet Receiver. To
find out if it needs to be programmed to operate other components, turn on one
of your components, such as a VCR. Point the remote control at that component,
press the component button on the remote (for example, VCR), then press the
ON•OFF button. If the component doesn't turn off, you need to program your
remote in order to use it to control that component.

How to program the remote control

There are two different ways to program the remote control: automatic code
search and direct entry.
Using automatic code seatch
1. Turn on the component you want to program your remote control to operate
(such as a VCR).
2. Press and hold the component button on your remote control that corresponds
to the component you want the remote to operate. For example, if you're
programming the remote to operate your VCR, press the VCR button. While
holding down the component button, press and hold the ON•OFF button.
When the light on the remote illuminates, release both buttons.
3. Press the PLAY button until the light on the remote starts flashing.
The remote control is searching through a list of programming codes. If the
component you want to operate doesn't turn off automatically after 5 seconds,
press PLAY again. The light will flash as the remote searches through another
list of codes.
Continue pressing PLAY until the component turns off.
If the component does not turn off after you've pressed PLAY 20 times,
you can't program your remote control to operate that component. Press
HOME•CLEAR to exit code search.
Programming the Remote

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents