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BLADEZ E600 Owner's Manual page 24

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To create your own profile, use the UP or DOWN buttons to increase or decrease the resistance (1-32 levels
of resistance). Press ENTER after setting the resistance for each segment (there are a total of 20 segments).
Press the enter button and hold for 2 seconds to confirm the settings. To leave the profile set up at any time
also hold the enter button for 2 seconds. After you are done setting up your profile the time will flash. Set
the desired time with the UP or DOWN buttons . Press the START/STOP button to begin exercising.
There are 4 programs in the HRC MODE: H.R.C55, H.R.C.75, H.R.C.90 and H.R.C. TAG. Use the
UP or DOWN buttons to select a program and then press the MODE button to confirm. After setting the
Target Time, press the START/STOP button to begin the workout. If H.R.C. TAG is selected (press the
ENTER button to select) the default preset PULSE value of 100 will be shown in flashing text Press the
UP or DOWN buttons to adjust target range from 30~230.
• 55%--Diet Program
• 75%--Health Program
• 95%--Sports Program
• Target—User set Target Heart Rate
Use the UP/DOWN buttons to set the WATT Target value from, 10~350, and then press the ENTER
button to confirm. After setting the Target Time, press the START/STOP buttons to begin the workout.
During the watt workout, the machine will adjust LOAD level automatically based on WATT Target value
and workout status.
After exercising for a period of time, hold onto the hand grips and press the RECOVERY button. All
display functions will stop except for TIME, which starts counting down from 00:60 to 00:00. The screen
will display your heart rate recovery status from F1 to F6. F1 is the best, F6 is the worst. Keep exercising
to try and improve your heart rate recovery status. (Press the RECOVERY button again to return the main
1.0 < F < 2.0
2.0 < F < 2.9
3.0 < F < 3.9
4.0 < F < 5.9
Below Average
1. When the user stops pedaling for more 4 minutes, the computer will enter into power save mode. All
settings and exercise data will be stored until the user start exercising again.
2. When the computer is not working correctly, please unplug the adaptor and plug it in again to restart
the machine.