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BLADEZ E600 Owner's Manual page 12

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Inner Thigh Stretch
Sit with the soles of your feet together with your knees pointing
outward. Pull your feet as close into your groin as possible. Gently
push your knees towards the floor. Hold for 15 counts.
Toe Touches
Slowly bend forward from your waist, letting your back and
shoulders relax as you stretch toward your toes. Reach down as far
as you can and hold for 15 counts.
Hamstring Stretches
Sit with your right leg extended. Rest the soles of your left foot
against your right inner thigh. Stretch toward your toes as far as
possible. Hold for 15 counts. Relax and then repeat with left leg
Calf/Achilles Stretches
Lean against a wall with your right leg in front of the left and your
arms forward. Keep your left leg straight and the right foot on the
floor; then bend the right leg and lean forward by moving your hip
toward the wall. Hold, then repeat on the other side for 15 counts.