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6. There are two PCI Express card slots on the riser card assembly 1 and the expander card is installed in
the shorter slot. Disconnect cables from the expander card. Then, grasp the expander card by its edges
and carefully pull it out of the PCI Express card slot.
Note: The expander card might fit tightly into the PCI Express card slot. If necessary, alternate moving
each side of the expander card a small and equal amount until it is removed from the slot.
Figure 73. Removing the expander card
7. Depending on your needs, do one of the following:
• Install a new expander card to replace the old one and reconnect cables. See "Installing the
expander card" on page 117.
• Install a PCI Express card slot bracket to cover the place and reconnect cables. See "Connecting the
cables" on page 48.
8. Reinstall the riser card assembly 1. See "Replacing the riser card assembly 1" on page 183.
9. If you are instructed to return the old expander card, follow all packaging instructions and use any
packaging materials that are supplied to you for shipping.
What to do next:
• To work with another piece of hardware, go to the appropriate section.
• To complete the removal procedure, go to "Completing the parts replacement" on page 206. Then, you
might need to reconfigure RAID for your server. See "Configuring RAID" on page 76.

Installing or removing an Ethernet card

This topic provides instructions on how to install or remove an Ethernet card. If you are installing or removing
any other types of supported PCI Express cards, the procedure is similar.
Note: The Ethernet card is sensitive to ESD. Ensure that you read and understand "Handling static-sensitive
devices" on page 88 first and carefully perform the operation.
Installing an Ethernet card
Attention: Do not open your server or attempt any repair before reading and understanding "Safety information"
on page iii and "Guidelines" on page 87.
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