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1/2" Top Front And Rear Brackets; Top Side Brackets; Bottom Front And Rear Brackets; 3/8" Bottom Side Brackets - Black & Decker BT1800 Instruction Manual

Black & decker bt1800 10'' (254mm) table saw
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1. Assemble the stand as shown in Fig. 4C, using 16
M8x1.25x20mm carriage head bolts, 3/8" flat washers
and M8x1.25 hex nuts. Align the holes in the stand
legs (F) with the holes in the brackets. Insert the
carriage head bolt through the hole in the leg and the
hole in the bracket, place a flat washer on the carriage
head bolt and thread a hex nut onto the carriage head
bolt. Repeat this process for the 15 remaining holes in
the legs and brackets.
NOTE: Loosely tighten the hardware for further
Letters are on the stand brackets to ease assembly:
A - Top front and rear brackets
B - Top side brackets
C - Bottom side brackets
D - Bottom front and rear brackets
2. Attach the rubber feet (E) Fig. 4C to the bottom of
each leg (F).
NOTE: Each rubber foot is provided with holes for
mounting the stand to the floor surface if required.
1. Turn saw table face down on a piece of cardboard
to protect the table surface. Place stand upside
down onto saw and align the four holes in the stand
with the mounting holes in the saw.
2. Place a 3/8" flat washer on a M8x1.25x45mm hex
head screw. Insert the hex head screw through the
mounting hole in the saw and the mounting hole in
the stand. Place another 3/8" flat washer on the hex
head screw and thread a M8x1.25 hex nut on the
screw and loosely tighten. Complete this process for
the other three holes.
3. Stand the saw upright, as shown in Fig. 4D (Saw is
shown fully assembled here).
4. Push down on top of the saw so that the legs of the
stand adjust to the surface of the floor. Tighten all
hardware securely.
Fig. 4C
Fig. 4D


Table of Contents

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