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Batteries; Heat And Product Ventilation - Lenovo ThinkPad 43N3201 User Manual

Lenovo ultrabay blu-ray burner user's guide


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Do not bend or modify the plug. If the plug is damaged, contact the manufacturer to obtain a
Some products are equipped with a three-pronged plug. This plug fits only into a grounded electrical
outlet. This is a safety feature. Do not defeat this safety feature by trying to insert it into a non-grounded
outlet. If you cannot insert the plug into the outlet, contact an electrician for an approved outlet adapter
or to replace the outlet with one that enables this safety feature. Never overload an electrical outlet. The
overall system load should not exceed 80 percent of the branch circuit rating. Consult an electrician for
more information if you have questions about power loads and branch circuit ratings.
Be sure that the power outlet you are using is properly wired, easily accessible, and located close to the
equipment. Do not fully extend power cords in a way that will stress the cords.
Connect and disconnect the equipment from the electrical outlet carefully.


All personal computers manufactured by Lenovo contain a non-rechargeable coin cell battery to provide
power to the system clock. In addition many mobile products such as notebook PCs utilize a rechargeable
battery pack to provide system power when in portable mode. Batteries supplied by Lenovo for use with
your product have been tested for compatibility and should only be replaced with Lenovo approved
Never attempt to open or service any battery. Do not crush, puncture, or incinerate batteries or short
circuit the metal contacts. Do not expose the battery to water or other liquids. Only recharge the battery
pack strictly according to instructions included in the product documentation.
Battery abuse or mishandling can cause the battery to overheat, which can cause gasses or flame to
"vent" from the battery pack or coin cell. If your battery is damaged, or if you notice any discharge from
your battery or the buildup of foreign materials on the battery leads, stop using the battery and obtain a
replacement from the battery manufacturer.
Batteries can degrade when they are left unused for long periods of time. For some rechargeable batteries
(particularly Lithium Ion batteries), leaving a battery unused in a discharged state could increase the risk
of a battery short circuit, which could shorten the life of the battery and can also pose a safety hazard. Do
not let rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries completely discharge or store these batteries in a discharged

Heat and product ventilation

Computers, AC adapters, and many accessories can generate heat when turned on and when batteries are
charging. Always follow these basic precautions:
v Do not leave your computer, AC adapter, or accessories in contact with your lap or any part of your
body for an extended period when the products are functioning or when the battery is charging. Your
computer, AC adapter, and many accessories produce some heat during normal operation. Extended
contact with the body could cause discomfort or, potentially, a skin burn.
v Do not charge the battery or operate your computer, AC adapter, or accessories near flammable
materials or in explosive environments.
v Ventilation slots, fans, and heat sinks are provided with the product for safety, comfort, and reliable
operation. These features might inadvertently become blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa,
carpet, or other flexible surface. Never block, cover, or disable these features.
ThinkPad Ultrabay Blu-ray Burner User's Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents