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Heat And Product Ventilation; Cd And Dvd Drive Safety - Lenovo ThinkPad 40Y8706 User Manual

Lenovo super multi-burner ultrabay slim drive user's guide


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shorten the life of the battery and can also pose a safety hazard. Do not let
rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries completely discharge or store these batteries in a
discharged state.

Heat and product ventilation

Computers generate heat when turned on and when batteries are charging.
Notebook PCs can generate a significant amount of heat due to their compact size.
Always follow these basic precautions:
v Do not leave the base of your computer in contact with your lap or any part of
v Do not operate your computer or charge the battery near flammable materials or
v Ventilation slots, fans and/or heat sinks are provided with the product for safety,

CD and DVD drive safety

CD and DVD drives spin discs at a high speed. If a CD or DVD is cracked or
otherwise physically damaged, it is possible for the disc to break apart or even
shatter when the CD drive is in use. To protect against possible injury due to this
situation, and to reduce the risk of damage to your machine, do the following:
v Always store CD/DVD discs in their original packaging
v Always store CD/DVD discs out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat
v Remove CD/DVD discs from the computer when not in use
v Do not bend or flex CD/DVD discs, or force them into the computer or their
v Check CD/DVD discs for cracks before each use. Do not use cracked or
your body for an extended period when the computer is functioning or when
the battery is charging. Your computer produces some heat during normal
operation. Extended contact with the body could cause discomfort or, potentially,
a skin burn.
in explosive environments.
comfort, and reliable operation. These features might inadvertently become
blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, carpet, or other flexible surface.
Never block, cover or disable these features.
damaged discs
General safety guidelines


Table of Contents

Table of Contents