Lennox Hearth Products Montecito MONTE Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

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Hot! Do not touch! The glass and
surfaces of this appliance will be hot
during operation and will retain heat
for a while after shutting off the appli-
ance. Severe burns may result.
Carefully supervise children in the
same room as appliance.
If small children are present in the home, it
is recommended that this appliance be fitted
with a firescreen kit. See Page 21 for ordering
Listed to standards:
ULC-S610 and UL-127
Report No. 307-4084
EPA Cert. No. 537
EPA Wood-Burning Fireplace
P/N 850,037M REV. J 11/2008
This installation manual will enable you to obtain a safe, efficient and
dependable installation of your fireplace system. Please read and
understand these instructions before beginning your installation.
Do not alter or modify the fireplace or its components under any circum-
stances. Any modification or alteration of the fireplace system, including
but not limited to the fireplace, chimney components and accessories,
may void the warranty, listings and approvals of this system and could
result in an unsafe and potentially dangerous installation.
Lennox Hearth Products wood-burning fireplaces are designed for use
as a supplemental heater. They are not intended for continuous use
as a primary heat source.
Fireplace, also for use in mobile or
manufactured homes with solid fuel only.
The fireplace cannot be operated without a door.
Consult your dealer to select the correct door
Important! To assure proper alignment of glass
doors: Install this fireplace in a square and
plumb condition, using shims as necessary at
sides and/or bottom.
Install the fireplace only as described in these

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   Summary of Contents for Lennox Hearth Products Montecito MONTE

  • Page 1: Operation Instructions

    Lennox Hearth Products wood-burning fireplaces are designed for use as a supplemental heater. They are not intended for continuous use as a primary heat source.

  • Page 2: Home Installation


  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONGRATULATIONS! In selecting this Lennox Hearth Products wood-burning appliance you have chosen one of the finest fireplaces available. The Montecito™ wood burning fireplace is a clean burn- ing EPA certified fireplace that is designed to provide you dependable service as well as warmth and enjoyment for many years to come.

  • Page 4: Starting And Maintaining A Fire, Combustion Control, Refueling For Best Performance

    Building a Fire (starting and maintaining a fire) To start a fire, place several crumpled up balls of newspaper in the firebox. Place small dry pieces of kindling on top of the paper, criss-crossing the kindling so that there are air spaces in between. Keep the fuel far back enough so that air can get underneath.

  • Page 5: Important Cautions, Maintaining Your Montecito Fireplace, Creosote, Chimney Maintenance, Dealing With A Chimney Fire

    A. Negative pressure in the house As the fire burns, air goes up the chimney. This air must be replaced through leakage into the house or through the outside air duct. When operating the Montecito fire- place, open a nearby window temporarily to check if there is adequate replacement air supply.

  • Page 6: Disposing Of Ashes, Door Installation, Door Adjustment

    The door gasket does not need to be “tight” in all areas, since a small amount of leakage is not hazardous or detrimental to the performance of your fireplace. • Use only a Lennox Hearth Products glass doors, specifically designed for the Montecito fireplace. •...

  • Page 7: Fireplace Installation

    Facade Installation Install the Facade per instructions provided in Facade Kit (ordered separately - see Page 21). Framing, Facing And Mantel The construction of the framing, facing, and mantel must be in accordance with the stan- dards and the following illustrations (Figures 10 and 11): A.

  • Page 8

    FRAMING DIMENSIONS Fireplace Opening Width 36-1/4” 921 mm 42” 1067 mm 30-1/16” 764 mm 13-1/2” 343 mm 77” 1956 mm 37-1/2” 953 mm *24-1/2” 603 mm 53-3/4” 1365 mm 8” 203 mm 1” 25 mm * Total depth is 25 inches (635mm) including the back spacer minus 1/2 inch (13mm) for drywall to be flush with the facing.

  • Page 9

    Insulated Chase Construction Attic Radiation Shield Note: Floor and wall below the attic must be insulated using the same insulation. 6’ 8” (2 m) Min. 7’ (2.1 m) Min. Figure 9 1/2” Plywood Facing IMPORTANT The facade must be removable once installed. The facade is designed to overlap any facing material installed on the front of the fireplace.

  • Page 10

    Only non-combustible mate- rial should be superposed or projecting over the front of the fireplace. Figure 12 Noncombustible Facing Drywall 2” X 3” Min. Rock Board or Other Spacer Figure 13 FIREPLACE BLOWER The fireplace comes equipped with a heat acti- vated blower. It is located in the bottom of the fireplace, towards the back.

  • Page 11

    A furnace duct is only single wall and not double wall as is required for the Montecito fireplace hot air exhaust. 7. Use only Lennox Hearth Products grills and components as described in this manual. Other grills or registers, for example, may be too restrictive and may overheat the fireplace or ceiling.

  • Page 12

    Installations, which are located on lower floors in the house, such as in a basement, in combination with outside chimney, are especially prone to flow reversal. 2. The Lennox Hearth Products fireplace model MONTE may be installed only with Security Chimneys International 6” diameter chimney sys- tems.

  • Page 13: Chimney Installation Instructions

    CHIMNEY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cut and frame the holes in the ceiling, floor and roof where the chimney will pass (see Figure 21). Use a plumb-bob to line up the center of the holes. The sizes are indicated in Table 2 for the floor and ceiling holes and Table 3 (Page 15) for the roof holes.

  • Page 14: Offset Chimney Installation

    Air Cooled Chimney Chimney Collar Spacer (built into flashing) Flashing Figure 24 Roof Down Slope Hole Size SLOPE ASHT+ / HT6103+ Roof Pitch 6” 12-3/8” (314 mm) 2/12 12-9/16” (319 mm) 4/12 13” (330 mm) 6/12 13-7/8” (352 mm) 8/12 14-7/8” (378 mm) 10/12 16-1/8”...

  • Page 15

    Chimney Elbow Offset & One Length Between Elbows 6” Height 8” 12” 15º 3-5/16” 4-5/16” (84mm) (110mm) 15-11/16” 19-9/16” (398mm) (497mm) Secure Temp 30º 7-7/16” 9-7/16” ASHT (189mm) (240mm) Nova 20” 23-1/2” Temp (508mm) (597mm) HT6103+ 45º 10-5/16” 13-3/16” (262mm) (335mm) 17-13/16”...

  • Page 16

    Figure 27 Figure 28 OFFSET CHIMNEY INSTALLATION Chimney AC Support Starter Section Straps OFFSET CHIMNEY INSTALLATION WITH WALL PENETRATION Rain Cap Framing 2” x 3” NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. ACRS Straps Note: This illustration is not to scale. It represents how the chimney must be supported. A 30 degree offset only is allowed in the USA and a 45 degree maximum offset is allowed in Canada. Collar Roof Flashing Offset Support Insulated Wall Radiation Shield...

  • Page 17: Gasket Replacement, Locating The Montecito Fireplace, Hearth Extension Requirements

    500° F [260° C], is suitable) or adhesion problems may result. Apply gasket cement to the gasket channel and install the new gasket. This replacement part is available from your Lennox Hearth Products dealer in the following dimensions: Gasket Length Dimensions Part No.

  • Page 18: Angled Wall Radiation Shield

    ANGLED WALL RADIATION SHIELD (RSM+ and RSMI30) When traversing a combustible wall with the chimney at a 30º or 45º angle, an angled firestop or wall radiation shield must be installed. Only one is required. RSMI45) Note: 45º angle for Canada only ( In cold climate locations (climates where temperatures will fall below 32° F / 0°...

  • Page 19: Chimney Support Installation, Chimney Chase And Multiple Terminations

    CHIMNEY SUPPORT INSTALLATION Universal Roof Support This support has three possible uses: 1. For ASHT+ / HT6103+ and S-2100+ / HT6000+, it must be used on a roof to support the chimney. 2. It may be used on a floor, ceiling or roof above an offset to support the chimney above the offset.

  • Page 20

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR MASONRY APPLICATION WARNING: Before starting the installation, the masonry chimney must be inspected by a qualified chimney sweep. The following requirements must be respected: 1. The chimney must be absolutely clear of any soot residue or creosote. Check for cracks, loose or missing bricks that could inhibit correct installation of the liner.

  • Page 21: Gravity Kit, Outside Air Kit, Installation Accessories

    OPTIONAL INSTALLATION ACCESSORIES Installation Accessories Description Facades (Required - Order Separately) Montecito™ Facade Black, MFBK Montecito Facade Brushed Nickel, MFBN Montecito Facade Hammered Steel, MFMC Doors (Required - Order Separately) Montecito Door, Black, MCBK Montecito Door, Brushed Nickel, MCBN Montecito Door, Hammered Steel, MCMC EPA Wood, Cast Door, Black, BWBK EPA Wood, Cast Door, Brushed Nickel, BWBN Outside Air Kit (included with fireplace) Outside Air Coupler To Connect Outside Air (UZI) To Fire-...

  • Page 22: Chimney System

    CHIMNEY - PARTS AND COMPONENTS LISTS (AC) Air-Cooled Chimney System* 6” I.D. and 11” O.D. Air Cooled, Stainl. Steel inner and zinc coated steel exterior * AC Chimney is NOT recommended at elevations above 4,000 feet or in cold climates (climates where temperatures will fall below 32°...

  • Page 23: Replacement Parts

    REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST Montecito™ Replacement Parts Description Blower (heat activated on/off pre-wired), UZY5 Blower motor speed control (wall mount), VRUW Snap Disc, Blower Baffle refractory (2 pieces) Back refractory Right side refractory Left side refractory Bottom refractory Front refractory, right side Front refractory, left side Door handle Hinge Assembly, Fireplace and Door...

  • Page 24: Product Reference Information

    Your Dealer's Name _________________________________________________ Your Dealer's Phone Number __________________________________________ Lennox Hearth Products reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in design, materials, specifications, prices and also to discontinue colors, styles and products. Consult your local distributor for fireplace code information.

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