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Polaris Slingshot SL 2015 Owner's Manual: Removal From Storage

Polaris slingshot 3-wheel motorcycle owner's manual.
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Battery Storage
1. Remove the battery. See page 70.
2. Clean the battery terminals first with a wire brush to remove any loose deposits.
3. Wash the posts and the ends of the battery cables with a solution of one part baking soda
to 16 parts water. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
4. Apply a thin film of dielectric grease to the posts and cable connectors.
5. Clean the outside of the battery with a solution of mild detergent and warm water.
6. Store the battery in a dry area with a temperature of 32° to 90° F (0° to 32° C).
7. While in storage, fully charge the battery once a month. See page 72.

Removal From Storage

1. Remove the fabric cover.
2. Remove intake and exhaust opening covers (if covered for storage).
3. Install the tires. Lower the vehicle and remove the jack stands.
4. Verify that tire pressure is at specification. Refer to safety labels on the vehicle or to the
specifications section beginning on page 84.
5. Install the battery and perform an electrical inspection.
6. Inspect the spark plugs. Install new spark plugs if necessary.
7. If the vehicle was stored in an area subject to wide swings in temperature and humidity
(such as outdoors), change the engine oil before starting the engine.
NOTICE: During storage, temperature and humidity changes can cause condensation to form in the
crankcase and mix with engine oil. Running the engine with oil that contains condensation
can cause engine damage.
8. Inspect the storage area for signs of fluid leaks. Identify and perform service to any
leaking components.
9. Wash and polish the vehicle. Wax, polish or apply protectant to appropriate components.
10. Perform the pre-ride inspections. See page 36.
11. Check any fluid levels not included in the pre-ride inspection.



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