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Step 2 Positioning - Panasonic SC-PT770 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd home theater sound system.
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step 2
How you set up your speakers can affect the bass and the sound field.
Note the following points:
≥ Place speakers on flat secure bases.
≥ Placing speakers too close to floors, walls, and corners can result in excessive bass. Cover walls and windows with thick curtains.
Keep your speakers at least 10 mm (
Setup example
Place the front, center, and surround speakers at approximately the same distance from the seating position. Using "Auto speaker setup" (
convenient way to get the ideal surround sound from your speakers when you are unable to place them. The angles in the diagram are approximate.
Place to the right or left
of the TV, on the floor or
a sturdy shelf so that it
will not cause vibration.
Leave about 30 cm from
the TV.
Wireless system
≥ Place the wireless system within
approximately 15 m from the main unit,
and in a horizontal position with the top
panel faced upward.
≥ To allow for proper ventilation and to
maintain good airflow around the
wireless system, position it with at least
5 cm of space on all sides.
To avoid interference, maintain the following
distances between the wireless system and other
electronic devices that use the same radio frequency
(2.4 GHz band).
If irregular coloring occurs on your TV
The center speaker is designed to be used close to a TV, but the picture
may be affected with some TVs and setup combinations.
If this occurs, turn the TV off for about 30 minutes.
The demagnetizing function of the TV should correct the problem. If it
persists, move the speakers further away from the TV.
≥ The main unit and supplied speakers are to be used only as
indicated in this setup. Failure to do so may lead to damage to
the amplifier and/or the speakers, and may result in the risk of
fire. Consult a qualified service person if damage has occurred
or if you experience a sudden change in performance.
≥ Do not attempt to attach these speakers to walls using
methods other than those described in this manual.
z) away from the system for proper ventilation.
Wireless LAN:
approx. 2 m
Cordless phone and
other electronic devices:
approx. 2 m
Main unit
To allow for proper ventilation and to maintain
good airflow around the main unit, position it with
at least 5 cm of space on all sides.
Surround speakers
Do not use the wireless system or the digital
transmitter in a metal cabinet or bookshelf.
The wireless system will automatically seek a clear channel if any of these
other devices interfere with its communication. When this happens, the
wireless link indicator (" [W1] ") flashes on the main unit, and there is a brief
interruption in audio coming from the surround speakers.
This is the normal operation of the product working to assure the best
possible performance of your home theater system.
If the interference persists, try moving the other devices to another location
outside the range of the wireless system or move the wireless system
nearer to the main unit.
Notes on speaker use
≥Use only supplied speakers
Using other speakers can damage the unit, and sound quality will be
negatively affected.
≥ You can damage your speakers and shorten their useful life if you play
sound at high levels over extended periods.
≥ Reduce the volume in the following cases to avoid damage:
– When playing distorted sound.
– When the speakers are reverberating due to a record player, noise
from FM broadcasts, or continuous signals from an oscillator, test
disc, or electronic instrument.
– When adjusting the sound quality.
– When turning the unit on or off.
Do not touch the front netted area of the speakers. Hold by the sides.
e.g. Center speaker
12) is a
Center speaker
Put on a rack or shelf.
Vibration caused by the
speaker can disrupt the
picture if it is placed directly
on the TV.
Digital transmitter



Table of Contents

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