Precautions - Sanyo VCC-3700P Instruction Manual

Color ccd camera
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In case of problem
Do not use the camera if smoke or a
strange odour comes from the unit, or if it
seems not to function correctly. Disconnect
the power cord immediately, and consult
your dealer (or a Sanyo Authorized Service
Do not open or modify
Do not open the cabinet, as it may be
dangerous and cause damage to the unit.
For internal settings and repairs, consult
your dealer (or a Sanyo Authorized Service
Do not put objects inside the unit
Make sure that no metal objects or
flammable substance get inside the camera.
If used with a foreign object inside, it could
cause a fire, short-circuits or damages.
If water or a liquid gets inside the camera,
disconnect the power cord immediately,
and consult your dealer (or a Sanyo
Authorized Service Centre). Be careful to
protect the camera from rain, sea water,
Be careful when handling the unit
To prevent damages, do not drop the
camera or subject it to strong shock or
Install away from electric or
magnetic fields
If installed close to a TV, radio transmitter,
magnet, electric motor, transformer, audio
speakers the magnetic field they generate
will distort the image.
Protect from humidity and dust
To prevent damages to the camera, do not
install it where there is greasy smoke or
steam, where the dampness may get too
high, or where there is a lot of dust.
Protect from high temperatures
Do not install close to stoves, or other heat
generating devices, such as spotlights, etc.,
or where it could be subject to direct
sunlight, as that could cause deformation,
discoloration or other damages.
Be careful when installing close to the
ceiling, in a kitchen or boiler room, as the
temperature may raise to high levels.
Install where the temperature range will
stay between –10˚C and 50˚C.
(no condensation)
• Dirt can be removed from the cabinet
by wiping it with a soft cloth. To
remove stains, wipe with a soft cloth
moistened with a soft detergent
solution and wrung dry, then wipe dry
with dry soft cloth.
• Do not use benzine, thinner or other
chemical product on the cabinet, as that
may cause deformation and paint
peeling. Before using a chemical cloth,
make sure to read all accompanying
instructions. Make sure that no plastic
or rubber material comes in contact
with the cabinet for a long period of
time, as that may cause damage or
paint peeling.

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