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Troubleshooting; Specifications - Sanyo VCC-3700P Instruction Manual

Color ccd camera
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Before taking the camera for repairs, please check below to make sure that the camera is
used correctly. If it still does not perform correctly, please consult your dealer or a Sanyo
Authorized Service Centre.
No picture on the monitor screen
• Is the power turned on to all connected devices? Is the voltage correct?
• Are all the signal connecting cables correctly connected?
• Is the lighting sufficient?
• Has the lens cap been removed?
• Is the lens type (DC or VIDEO) correctly selected?
Depending on the type of lens, the A. I. LENS switch must be set accordingly.
• Is the iris control correctly set?
A: When using a DC type lens, the LEVEL volume (inside the camera casing) should be
B: When using a VIDEO type lens, the LEVEL volume (on the lens) should be adjusted.
The picture is not clear
• Is the monitor correctly adjusted?
• Is the flange-back position correctly set?
• Is the lens focus correctly adjusted?
• Are the lens surfaces clean?
If there is dust or finger prints on the lens, the image quality will deteriorate. To clean the
lens use a soft cloth or a commercially available lens cleaning set.
This camera is a precision instruments and if treated with care, will provide years of
satisfactory performance. However, in the event of a problem, the owner is advised not to
attempt to make repairs or open the cabinet. Servicing should always be referred to your
dealer or Sanyo Authorized Service Centre.


Scaning system : PAL colour TV system
Picture elements : 537 (H) x 597 (V): VCC-3700P, 795 (H) x 596 (V): VCC-3770P
Effective picture elements : 500 (H) x 582 (V): VCC-3700P, 752 (H) x 582 (V): VCC-3770P
Synchronizing system : Internal sync/Line lock manually switchable/External sync
(625 TV lines, 50 fields/sec.)
Interlace : PLL 2:1 interlace
Image device : 1/3 inch solid state image device CCD
Resolution : 330 TV lines horizontally, 400 TV lines vertically: VCC-3700P
460 TV lines horizontally, 400 TV lines vertically: VCC-3770P


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