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Color Mode - Acer P1287 User Manual

Acer projector p1287; m416; pe-x45; p1387w; m426; pe-w45; p5515; n156; pn-805; h6517bd; e145d; he-801j; h6517st; e145s; he-801st series
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Use this function to choose CT1, CT2 (Native), CT3, User mode.
R Gain
Adjusts the red gain for color temperature optimization.
G Gain
Adjusts the green gain for color temperature optimization.
B Gain
Adjusts the blue gain for color temperature optimization.
R Bias
Adjusts the red bias for color temperature optimization.
G Bias
Adjusts the green bias for color temperature optimization.
B Bias
Adjusts the blue bias for color temperature optimization.
Dynamic Black
Choose "On" to automatically optimize the display of dark movie
scenes enabling them to be shown in incredible detail.
Effects the representation of dark scenery. With greater gamma
value, dark scenery looks brighter.
Ind. Color Management
Adjusts the red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta colors.
Ind. Hue
Adjusts the color balance of red and green.
Ind. Saturation
Adjusts the selected color to be less or more saturated color.
Ind. Gain
Adjusts the selected color's contrast.
Brilliant Color
Produces an expanded on-screen color spectrum that delivers
enhanced color saturation for bright, true-to-life images.
White Peaking
Increases the brightness of whites that are near 100%. (video
sources only)
Film Mode
Sets the image optimized to 24-frame True Film mode.
Noise Reduction
Adjusts signal noise reduction."0" means the noise reduction is off,
">0" increase noise reduction.
Black Extension
This ensures optimum black level for each analog source.
Note: "Saturation" and "Tint" functions are not supported under computer
or HDMI mode.
Note: Functions vary depending on model definition.

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