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Sd Card - Sanyo ICR-B220 Instruction Manual

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When using new SD Card, " ERASE
ALL MEMORY" in advance. (See
Page 22.)
Other SD Cards than formatted by this
unit can not be used.
Inserting the SD Card
1. Open the SD Card compartment lid.
2. Check the edge of the card and insert the card
as shown in the illustration.
3. Close the lid.
Removing the SD Card
1. Slide the POWER switch (rear of the unit) to OFF.
2. Open the SD Card compartment lid.
3. Push the card slightly into the slot to release.
4. Pull it out.
Never remove the card while operating the unit.
Do not place the card where it is exposed to static electricity or electric
Recorded data on the card may not work correctly with a different Digital
Voice Recorder.
If the card is not inserted, "NO CARD" appears when the power is turned
When a SD Card is loaded, the unit automatically creates a VoiceRec
folder, etc. Do not erase them.
Do not use a MultiMediaCard.
This unit supports the SD Card having 64MB to 2GB memory.
Keep the SD Card out of reach of young children who might swallow it. If
it is accidentally swallowed, call a doctor immediately.



Table of Contents

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