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Yamaha AVR-S80 Service Manual page 18

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Using this product with the protection function disabled
may cause damage to itself. Use special care for this point
when using this mode.
• Canceling DIAG
[1] Before canceling DIAG, execute setting for PRESET of
DIAG menu No.9 (Memory initialization inhibited or
Memory initialized).
* In order to keep the user memory stored, be sure to
select PRESET INHIBITED (Memory initialization
inhibited). Protection history will remain in memory.
[2] Turn off the power by pressing the "STANDBY/ON"
key of the main unit.
• Display provided when DIAG started
The FL display of the main unit displays the protection
function history data and the version (1 alphabet) and the
DIAG menu [sub-menu (ANALOG BYPASS) of DIAG
menu No.1 DSP THROUGH] a few seconds later.
When there is no history of protection function:
When there is a history of protection function:
Cause: An excessive current flowed through the power
amplifier or DC output of the power amplifier is abnormal.
Turning on the power without correcting the abnormality
will cause the protection function to work immediately and
the power supply will instantly be shut off.
Opening message
When there is no history
of protection function
Version (1 alphabet)
After a few seconds
When there is a history of protection
function due to excess current or
abnormal DC protct
DIAG menu display
Version (1 alphabet)

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