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Makita HR4000C Technical Information page 4

40mm rotary hammer
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4)Disassembling the chuck(See the figure 9.)
a. As mentioned in 3)-a How to replace the armature, remove the tool holder cap, the chuck cover and
the crank housing cover.
b. Remove the ring spring 25.
c. Remove the reaf spring 25 for the step pin 8 .
d. Remove the step pin 8 from the tool hplder and chuck ring .
5) Assembling the chuck
Set up the leaf spring and step pin 8 cerfimly.(See the figure 9.)
6)Disassembling the tool holder and crank housing
a. Insert the minus driver into the dent portion on the external place of the seal case and slightly strike
it to remove the seal case.(See the figure 10.)
b. Disconnect the circle clip(hole) R-56 and then pull out the tool holder.
Seal case
Tool holder
7)How to take out the cylinder 28.5
a. The cylinder 28.5 is slightly pressed into the crank housing.
To disconnect the cylinder 28.5,
slightly hit the crank housing against the firm
table several times in a straight line to disconnect it.
(See the figure 12.)
Circle clip(shaft) WR-45
Ring spring 25
Tool holder
Figure 10
Dent portion
Leaf spring
Cup washer 45
Use care in direction.
Figure 9
Circle clip(hole) R-56
Figure 11
Tool holder
Chuck ring
Step pin 8
firm table
Figure 12


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