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Setting - Acer X112H User Manual

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Closed Caption
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Selects a preferred closed captioning mode from CC1, CC2, CC3,
CC4, (CC1 displays captions in the primary language in your area).
Select "Off" to turn off the captioning feature. This function is only
available when a composite video or S-Video input signal is
selected and its system format is NTSC.
<Note> Set your screen aspect ratio to 4:3. This function is not
available when the aspect ratio is "16:9" or "Auto" .
Press the
button and choose "Yes" to return the
parameters on all menus to the factory default settings.
This projector provides a useful security function for the
administrator to manage usage of the projector .
to change the "Security" setting. If the security function
is enabled, your must enter the "Administrator Password" first
before changing the security settings.
Select "On" to enable the security function. The user has to
enter a password to operate the projector. Please refer to the
"User Password" section for details.
If "Off" is selected, then the user can turn on the projector
without password.
Once "Security" is activated to "On", the administrator can set
timeout function.
to select the timeout interval.
The range is from 10 minute to 990 minutes.
When the time is up, the projector will prompt the user to
enter the password again.
The factory default setting of "Timeout(Min.)" is "Off".
Once the security function is enabled, the projector will
request user to enter password when switch on the projector .
Both "User Password" and "Administrator Password" can be
accepted for this dialogue.
User Password
to setup or change the "User Password".
Press number keys to set your password on the remote control
and press "MENU" to confirm.
to delete character.
Enter the password when you see "Confirm Password"
The password should be between 4 and 8 characters long.
If you select "Request password only when plugging the
power cord in.", the projector will prompt the user to enter
the password every time the power cord is plugged.
If you select "Always request password while projector turns
on.", the user has to enter the password every time when the
projector is turned on.



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