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Important Safeguards - Acer SDX-570V Series User Manual

Ait-2 and ait-1 turbo tape drive
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For your protection, please read these
safety instructions completely before
operating the appliance, and keep this
manual for future reference.
Carefully observe all warnings,
precautions and instructions on the
appliance, or the one described in the
operating instructions and adhere to
Power Sources – This unit should be
operated only from the type of power
source indicated on the marking label.
If you are not sure of the type of
electrical power, consult your dealer or
local power company.
For the unit with a three-wire
grounding type ac plug:
If you are unable to insert the plug into
the outlet, contact your electrician to
have a suitable plug installed. Do not
defeat the safety purpose of the
grounding plug.
AC Power cord: (for AC mains
operating unit only)
The AC power cord should have
appropriate safety approvals or
marking for the country in which the
equipment will be used. Consult your
dealer or local power company.
Cleaning – Unplug the unit from the
wall outlet before cleaning or
polishing it. Do not use liquid
cleaners or aerosol cleaners.
Use a cloth lightly dampened with
water for cleaning the exterior of the
Object and Liquid Entry – Never
push objects of any kind into the unit
through openings as they may touch
dangerous voltage points or short out
parts that could result in a fire or
electric shock. Never spill liquid of
any kind on the unit.


Table of Contents

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