Operation - Craftsman 900.11683 Instruction Manual

Mouse sander / polisher
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589307-01,11683 Sears


WARNING: To reduce the risk of
serious personal injury, read, understand
and follow all important safety warnings
and instructions prior to using this tool.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock
under no circumstances should this
product be used near water.
WARNING: Always unplug product from
power supply before any of the following
Carton Contents:
• 6 - Sanding Sheets (2) each 80, 120
and 240 Grits
• 4 - Pads (2) Abrasive, (1) Steel Wool
and (1) Foam Polishing
• 12 – Patented Reversible Tips (4) each
80, 120 and 240 Grits
• 8 – Pad Tips, (4) Abrasive, (2) Steel
Wool and (2) Foam Polishing
• 3 – Finger Detail Sanding Tips 180 Grit
• 1 Finger Detail Attachment
• Kit Box
On Off Switch
To turn the tool ON, hold it as shown in
Figure1 and push the portion of the switch
marked "I". To turn the tool OFF, push the
portion of the switch marked "O".
Grasp product as shown in Figure 1 and
turn it on. Move it in long sweeping strokes
across the surface, letting it do the work.
Light pressure is all that is required for
sanding, polishing or scrubbing.
Excessive pressure will slow the tool and
produce inferior results. Check your work
often, product is capable of removing
material rapidly.
2:36 PM
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Detail Sanding
Your tool is equipped with a Hook and
Loop teardrop base which allows you to
use it on both large flat surfaces and in
tight spots or corners.
Fitting Sanding Sheets or Pads
( Fig. 2)
• Detach and save the two diamond-
shaped tips from the sanding sheet or pad.
• Hold the tool with the sanding base
facing upwards.
• Place the sanding sheet or pad onto the
sanding base.
• The diamond-shaped tip can be reversed
or replaced when worn.
• When the front part of the tip is worn,
detach it from the sheet, reverse it and
press it onto the sanding base again.
• When the whole tip is worn, remove it
from the sanding base and fit a new tip.
Extra Tips
Tip of the Sanding Base ( Fig. 3)
When the tip of the teardrop sanding
base becomes worn, it can be reversed
or replaced.
• Remove the screw.
• Reverse or replace the base tip.
• Fit and tighten the screw.
Rotate 180°
Base Tip

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