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Sony MGS-X1 Operating Instructions Manual page 2

Mg memory stick system-up player
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On "MagicGate Memory Stick"
What is a "Memory Stick"?
"Memory Stick" is a compact, portable and versatile
Integrated Circuit recording medium with a data
capacity that exceeds a floppy disk. "Memory Stick"
is specially designed for exchanging and sharing
digital data among "Memory Stick" compatible
products. Because it is removable, the "Memory
Stick" can also be used for external data storage.
Types of "Memory Stick"
There are two types of "Memory Stick":
– "MagicGate Memory Stick" that is equipped with
"MagicGate" copyright protection technology.
– "Memory Stick" that is not equipped with
"MagicGate" copyright protection technology.
Use a "MagicGate Memory Stick" with this
When you purchase the "MG Memory Stick" for this
unit, be sure to ask for the "MG Memory Stick" which
is distinguished by the logo
Can be used
The Memory capacity of a "MG Memory Stick"
supported by this product is 128MB.
What is "MagicGate"?
"MagicGate" is a copyright protection technology for
"MagicGate Memory Stick" and compliant products,
such as Network Walkman. Authentication ensures
that protected content is transferred only between
compliant devices and "MagicGate Memory Stick,"
and that protected content is recorded and transferred
in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized
copying or playback.
Notes on use
To avoid damaging data, do not
– release the "Memory Stick" or unplug the USB
cable during reading or writing of data.
– use the "Memory Stick" in a location subject to
static electricity or electric noise.
On formatting the "Memory Stick"
The "Memory Stick" is shipped with a FAT format as
the standard format.
To format the "Memory Stick," please use devices
conformable with the "Memory Stick."
When formatting the "Memory Stick," do not use the
format function on the Windows Explorer.
Cannot be used
On handling the "Memory Stick"
• When the "Memory Stick" erasure prevention switch
is set to "LOCK," data cannot be recorded, erased or
edited. (B)
• The tactile protrusion on the rear surface of
"MagicGate Memory Stick" distinguishes it from a
general "Memory Stick." (C)
• Do not touch the "Memory Stick" connector with your
finger or metallic objects. (A)
• Do not bend, drop or apply strong shock to the
"Memory Stick."
• Do not disassemble or modify the "Memory Stick."
• Do not allow the "Memory Stick" to get wet.
• Do not use or store the "Memory Stick" in a location
that is subject to:
– Extremely high temperature, such as in a car parked
in the sun
– Direct sunlight
– High humidity or corrosivation
• To prolong the life of the "Memory Stick," use the
supplied storage case.
• Do not attach any other material than the supplied
label on the label space. (D)
• Attach the label so that it does not stick out from the
proper attachment location.
• Do not attach new labels over old labels.
• Replace the label if it begins to peel off.
If the label is not attached correctly, it may jam the "MG
Memory Stick" in the unit.