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Cleaning; Maintenance And Storage - Sanyo TN-M100 Instruction Manual

Deep fryer


You can place the cooked oil and the basket in the inner pot
after using with the lid closed.
Do not move the fryer or pure the hot oil until it is cool entirely.
Replace new oil after about 20 frying s or according to the oil
such, as become thick or blown.
Caution: The surface of lid is very hot when heating, please do
not touch it!


Cleaning The Fryer
1. Make sure that the appliance has been unplugged before
cleaning. Start cleaning as shown below after the fryer and oil
inside cool entirely.
2. Housing, inner pot, lid and basket can be cleaned in the wash
Cleaning The Basket
Wash the basket with warm water, a shell mount of dishwashing
liquid. Wash again with clean water, and wipe the water off entirely.

Maintenance and Storage

1. Make sure that the fryer is cool entirely before storage.
2. Place the power cord into its housing in order.
3. Place the fryer in a dry place where children can not reach.