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Sanyo TN-M100 Instruction Manual page 6

Deep fryer


5. When you fry freezing food, clear the ice outside, and thaw
them thoroughly.
6. If the foods you are frying have been pre-cooked, they need a
higher temperature and less cooking time than those foods,
which are completely raw.
Frying Food
Before Use:
This appliance is used for the first time we recommend wash
inner pot and basket in warm water and some soap; then dry them
thoroughly with a dry cloth.
Wiping the inside of the unit and lid with a warm wet cloth. Do not
scour the interior, please use a soft non-abrasive cloth; and then
dry them thoroughly with a dry cloth.
Fill the inner pot with oil: Minimum---2.3L
1) You can adjust oil volume according to the food.
2) Do not mix different oil for frying.
3) Use only a good quality vegetable oil, pure corn oil or light
olive oil for frying. We do not recommend using oil that
deteriorate quickly like sunflower oil, lard, or dropping.
4) Never fill the inner pot beyond the max line. Overfilling could
cause a danger of spillage and potential fire.
5) Never fill the inner pot below the min line.
1. Close the lid lightly; Insert the plug into appropriate outlet.
2. Reference to cooking guide; adjust the temperature control
knob according to the food, heating indicator turn on.
3. When the desired temperature reaches, the heating indicator
turns off. Then place the basket with dry food inside into the
inner pot gently.
4. When the cook is finished, raise the basket handle to the
holder. Stain the oil from food for about 10-30 seconds.
5. Adjust the temperature control knob to "off".