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Operating Instructions - Sanyo TN-M100 Instruction Manual

Deep fryer


3. Plastic outer covering, porcelain enamel inner pot, special
The oil you have used can be used next time.
Offer various kinds of temperature controlling which allow
you to choose according to the food.

Operating Instructions

Food Preparing
1. Lean and cut the food you are going to fry.
2. Lace uniform sized pieces of food into basket to ensure even
Note: Never fill the basket more than 2/3 full of food. We
suggest a maximum of 1/2 full in order to maintain the
best selected frying temperature.
3. Place food as dry as possible into the basket. Do not add water
or wet food into hot oil. Water will cause oil to splatter.
4. When you fry French fries, cut the husked potato into uniform
sized pieces (so that can prevent them from sticking.), and dry
them thoroughly.