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Warranties; 25,000 Computer Load Protection Guarantee; Pre-Failure Battery Warranty - HP T2200 XR User Manual

Uninterruptible power system
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To back up the wide range of features offered with the UPS, HP provides a three-year limited

$25,000 Computer Load Protection Guarantee

In addition to the limited warranty, HP offers a $25,000 Computer Load Protection Guarantee
(provided by the original equipment manufacturer).
IMPORTANT: The $25,000 Computer Load Protection Guarantee is offered only in North America.
The $25,000 Computer Load Protection Guarantee applies only if:
The UPS is plugged into a suitably grounded and wired outlet using no extension cords,
adapters, other ground wires, or other electrical connections.
The UPS installation complies with all applicable electrical and safety codes specified by
the National Electrical Code (NEC).
The UPS is used under normal operating conditions. Users must comply with all
instructions and labels.
The UPS is not damaged by accident (other than a utility power transient), misuse, or

Pre-Failure Battery Warranty

For specific information on the battery warranty, refer to the section, "Pre-Failure Battery
Warranty," in Chapter 4.
HP Uninterruptible Power System T2200 XR Models User Guide
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Table of Contents

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