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Command List - Sony PDW-700 Operation Manual

Professional disc camcorder.
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Enter "ftp <SP> <IP address>", and
press the Enter key. (<SP> refers to a
For example, if the IP address of this unit is
set to, enter "ftp".
Refer to the Windows help for more information
about the FTP command.
If the connection succeeds, you are prompted
to enter a user name.
Enter the user name "admin" and press
the Enter key.
When the user name is verified, your are
prompted to enter a password.
Enter the password and press the Enter
The password is set to "pdw-700" when the
unit is shipped from the factory.
The login is complete when the password is
See "Command list" (page 170) for the protocol
supported by this unit.
If the connection times out
This unit terminates FTP connections if no
command is received within 90 seconds of
the last command. If this occurs, log out (see
the next section) and repeat steps 2 to 4.
If you power this unit off during an FTP connection,
the data transferred thus far is discarded.
To log out
To log out after finishing file operations, enter
"QUIT" at the command prompt and press the
Enter key.

Command list

This unit supports standard protocol (see the next
section), and extended protocol (see page 173).
• To execute FTP commands, you must install
application software such as PDZ-1 on your computer.
• The commands supported by application software
• An FTP client that supports UTF-8 is required to use
Unicode characters other than ASCII characters.
FTP File Operations
Command prompt FTP commands do not support
Standard commands
In the command syntax column, <SP> means a
space, entered by pressing the space bar, and
<CRLF> means a new line, entered by pressing
the Enter key.
Send this command to begin the login process.
Syntax: USER <SP> <username> <CRLF>
Input example: USER admin
After sending the USER command, send this command
to complete the login process.
Syntax: PASS <SP> <password> <CRLF>
Input example: PASS pdw-700
Terminates the FTP connection. If a file is being
transferred, terminates after completion of the
Syntax: QUIT <CRLF>
Specifies the IP address and port to which this unit
should connect for the next file transfer (for data transfer
from this unit).
Syntax: PORT <SP> <h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2>
h1 (most significant byte) to h4 (least
significant byte): IP address
p1 (most significant byte), p2 (least
significant byte): Port address
Input example: PORT 10,0,0,1,242,48
(IP address:, Port number: 62000)
This command requests this unit to "Listen" on a data
port (which is not its default data port). It puts this unit
into passive mode, waiting for the remote computer to
make a data connection.
Syntax: PASV <CRLF>
Specifies the type of data to be transferred.
Syntax: TYPE <SP> <type-code (options
delimited by <SP>)> <CRLF>


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