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Using The Barcode Reader; Using The Camera - Panasonic Toughbook U1 Helpful Operation Tips

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using The barCode reader

using The CaMera

*Operation manual is included in the box that shipped with the unit or on the Panasonic Toughbook support website:
©2009 Panasonic Corporation of North America. F_C_U1QuickRef 09/09
sTarTing The barCode
Tap the barcode icon in the
task tray to open the menu.
Select (Always On) to turn on
the emulator as shown.
displaY daTa:
To display the data scanned,
open the Note Pad, place the
cursor in the pad and press
the orange trigger to activate
the barcode reader. Start Menu |
All Programs | Accessories |
Note Pad.
More info:
Refer to the Supplementary
Instructions for the Barcode
Reader found on the
Panasonic Toughbook
support website.
sTarTing The
Launch the camera software
from the Start Menu | All
Programs | Panasonic |
Panasonic Camera Utility
Changing iMage
The quality settings can be
changed in | Photos | Image
Setting | Users can select
"BMP" for the highest image
quality or use the slider to
adjust quality for JPGs.
More info:
Refer to the Toughbook U1
Supplementary Instructions
for the camera found on
the Panasonic Toughbook
Support website.
Panasonic recommends Windows Vista
using Wireless feaTures
Turn Wireless on:
Turn on the wireless switch found under the power
door as shown. The switch controls Wi-Fi,
Configuring Wireless:
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
configure the wireless features. Mobile Broadband
(WWAN) software utility can be downloaded from the
Panasonic Toughbook support website* or provided
by your wireless carrier.
Mobile broadband (WWan):
The WWAN software utilities can be downloaded from
the Toughbook support website, or check with your
carrier for more information. The MEID and IMEI
numbers can be found under the battery #1
compartment or on the outside of the original
packaging. The SIM card slot is located in the
battery #1 compartment.
More info:
Refer to pages 51–55 of the reference manual found on
the CF-U1 in the Panasonic directory of the Start Menu.
More helpful inforMaTion
Demo: Install and run the Toughbook U1 Demo located in the U1 Demo folder
to sample the CF-U1 features.
Fingerprint Reader: The reader is configured with a third-party application
called Protector Suite QL, which must be installed prior to use. The install Files
are found at C:util\drivers\Fngprint\application\x86\autorun.exe.
GPS Settings: Some third-party applications that utilize the GPS module may
need to be configured. Use Com Port 2 and Baud Rate 4800 as default settings.
Application Buttons: Program the four application buttons by tapping the
Keyboard Button Manager icon in the task tray, as shown here.
Loading Software: Use an external USB DVD drive (optional), USB
memory stick or SD memory card to load or transfer information to the
CF-U1. See the Panasonic Toughbook website for more information about
Toughbook U1 accessories.
Additional Support: Further information and step-by-step video instructions
can be found in the How To video folder located on the desktop of the
Toughbook U1. Direct support is available at 1.800.LAPTOP5 or chat online at
and Mobile Broadband (WWAN).
software is preloaded to


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