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Lock-Off Button - Black & Decker HPL10RS Original Instructions Manual

Hand-held saw
Hide thumbs


Warning! Before assembly, remove the battery from the tool
and make sure that the saw blade has stopped. Used saw
blades may be hot.
Fitting the saw blade (fig. B)
Hold the tool away from the body
Rotate the blade clamp collar (8) to the release position.
Insert the shank of the blade fully into the blade clamp
collar (8).
Release the blade clamp collar (8) to lock the blade into
Note: The blade can be installed with the teeth up to assist in
flush cutting
Removing the saw blade (fig. B)
Warning! Burn hazard: Do not touch the blade immediately
after use. Contact with the blade may result in personal injury.
Rotate the blade clamp collar (8) to the release position.
Remove blade
Adjusting the handle (fig. C)
The tool can be converted into three different positions. To
change positions:
Slide the pivot release slider (3) to the right and rotate the
handle portion of the tool into any of the three positions
Warning! To avoid being pinched, keep hands away from the
hinge when changing positions.
Warning! To avoid tool being turned on accidentally, make
sure the lock-off button is engaged.

Lock-off button

The tool is equipped with a switch lock-off feature to prevent
unintentional operation.
To lock: push the lock-off button (2) to the locked position.
To un-lock: push the lock-off button (2) to the un-locked
Adjustable shoe (fig. D)
The shoe (6) will adjust to limit the depth of cut.
Caution! Make sure the lock-off button (2) is engaged to
prevent switch actuation before making any adjustments or
removing or installing attachments or accessories.
Remove the allen wrench (9) from the holder.
Insert the wrench into the allen screw (7).
With the allen screw loosened, pull the adjustable shoe (6)
out to the desired distance.
When cutting pipe or similar workpiece, place the shoe
over the object being cut. Adjust the shoe so that it is snug
but still allows for slight movement of the workpiece.
Tighten allen screw.
(Original instructions)
Warning! To prevent loss of control, never use tool without
Fitting and removing the battery (fig. E)
To fit the battery (5), line it up with the receptacle on the
tool. Slide the battery into the receptacle and push until
the battery snaps into place.
To remove the battery, push the release buttons (13) while
at the same time pulling the battery out of the receptacle.
Warning! Let the tool work at its own pace. Do not overload.
Charging the battery (fig. A)
The battery needs to be charged before first use and whenev-
er it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs that were easily
done before. The battery may become warm while charging;
this is normal and does not indicate a problem.
Warning! Do not charge the battery at ambient temperatures
below 10 °C or above 40 °C. Recommended charging tem-
perature: approx. 24 °C.
Note: The charger will not charge a battery if the cell
temperature is below approximately 10 °C or above 40 °C.
The battery should be left in the charger and the charger
will begin to charge automatically when the cell tempera-
ture warms up or cools down.
To charge the battery (5), insert it into the charger (11).
The battery will only fit into the charger in one way. Do
not force. Be sure that the battery is fully seated in the
Plug in the charger and switch on at the mains.
The charging indicator (12) will flash green continuously
The charge is complete when the charging indicator (12)
lights green continuously. The charger and the battery can be
left connected indefinitely with the LED illuminated. The LED
will change to flashing green (charging) state as the charger
occasionally tops up the battery charge. The charging indica-
tor (12) will be lit as long as the battery is connected to the
plugged-in charger.
Charge discharged batteries within 1 week. Battery life will
be greatly diminished if stored in a discharged state.
Leaving the battery in the charger
The charger and battery pack can be left connected with the
LED glowing indefinitely. The charger will keep the battery
pack fresh and fully charged.
Charger diagnostics
If the charger detects a weak or damaged battery, the charg-
ing indicator (12) will flash red at a fast rate. Proceed as



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