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Safety Precautions - Light for Life PC3.300 User Manual

5.11+ tactical series
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II. Care and Use of Flashlight and Charger
1. While the flashlight is designed to be water resistant, do not
submerge it in water.
2. Prevent the charger from prolonged or extensive exposure to
water. A wet flashlight from the rain is fine to be placed in the
charger, but the charger needs to be installed in a dry environment.
3. For optimal efficiency it is necessary to periodically inspect and
provide preventative maintenance on the PC3.300 flashlight. If at
any time the light becomes soiled, clean with a soft cloth and mild
4. For lens cleaning, use a gentle camera lens cleaner and lens cloth.
Rub gently to remove any fingerprints on the lens.
5. It is imperative that chemicals and harsh abrasives not be used.
6. This flashlight is not suitable for use in high pressure environments.
7. DO NOT dismantle flashlight when cleaning.
8. Keep the charging contact holes free of debris.
9. Keep foreign objects out of the charger base.
III. Safety Precautions
1. The PC3.300 is not classified as intrinsically safe, meaning it is not
approved for use in hazardous atmospheres. It is important that
this light not be used in areas requiring explosion proof lighting.
2. To avoid the risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury caused
by improper handling of the charger, do not attempt to use the
charger unit to charge any other flashlight or rechargeable device.
Do not use any other brand of charger with the PC3.300 flashlight.
3. Do not shine the flashlight directly into the eyes as this may cause
severe damage to eyesight.
4. Make sure the charger unit is disconnected from any other power
sources when performing any routine cleaning or maintenance.
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