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Connecting With Keyboard Wedge - Honeywell Voyager 1450g Series User Manual

Area-imaging scanner
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Note: The power supply must be ordered separately, if needed.
2. If you are connecting a CCB01-010BT Base, make sure the cables are secured in the wireways in the bottom of the
cordless base and the base sits flat on a horizontal surface.
3. The scanner beeps.
4. Verify the scanner or cordless base operation by scanning a bar code from the
The unit defaults to a USB PC Keyboard. Refer to
For additional USB programming and technical information, refer to "USB Application Note," available at

Connecting with Keyboard Wedge

A scanner or cordless base can be connected between the keyboard and PC as a "keyboard wedge," where the scanner
provides data output that is similar to keyboard entries. The following is an example of a keyboard wedge connection:
1. Turn off power and disconnect the keyboard cable from the back of the terminal/computer.
2. Connect the appropriate interface cable to the device and to the terminal/computer.
Corded Voyager 1450g
Keyboard Wedge Connection:
1 - 2
CCB01-010BT Base
USB Connection:
page 2-3
for other USB terminal settings.
Sample Symbols
in the back of this

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